Ideas of what designers can do during Covid-19

Yesterday, the US surpassed China for the highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the world. New York’s and New Jersey’s cases are still rising. I watched the New York Times 72 Hours Inside a N.Y.C. Hospital Battling during my lunch break and was saddened to hear the doctor mention the lack of resources.. Gladly, I saw New York City Mayor’s tweet where he mentioned they have provided what Elmhurst Hospital needed. Since then, I’ve been searching what designers could do to help during this pandemic besides donation.


Face Shields:

If you have 3D printers at home, you could download files and use a 3D printer to print out parts and assemble them. Makers all over the world, students from Charlotte, NYU, Georgia Tech are doing it. Volunteers in Brooklyn Navy Yard create production lines for face shields. Companies like HP provides 3D printing files to download.




Ventilator is a harder task. Makers in Italy are printing out replacement parts when suppliers run out of them. Dyson is making 15000 ventilators. Designers could join design challenges like Code Life Ventilator Challenge or other challenges to brainstorm rapid ventilation solutions for patients.




If you don’t have a 3D printer at home, you can look up this site for volunteer work or join the Open IDEO challenges. You can also look up local Facebook Groups or join Local Slack channels to see how you could contribute when you stay at home.


如果像我一樣沒有3D列印機的話,也可以在這裡找人合作,或是參加OPEN IDEO的挑戰,或其他當地的slack channel or facebook group看看能在家裡做些什麼。

(Updates: After I posted this blogpost, I talked to my friend Eden. She worked for a non-profit organization Last Mile to help with their art direction and design so I asked that if I could join. She introduced me to their slack channel. Since then, I started volunteering by creating visual assets to their marketing materials.)

Also posted this story on my blog!

Product designer based in NYC.

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